Academia Oasis

Academy Oasis is specially designed to cater to the academic groups traveling to Turkey and neighboring countries. Our Services range from any travel arrangements like accommodation, flight tickets, ground transportation to special site visits related to the purpose of your trip. Our broad relations with local Universities, Government Circles, NGOs, Industrial, Commercial and Financial Companies enable us to offer our guests various opportunities gifting their trips with ultimate success. The recent social, political and economical developments in this part of the world have raised a greater interest towards Turkey among academic and university groups, especially among business school postgraduates. Therefore, the number of Educational trips to Turkey is increasing day by day. Furthermore, Turkey’s diverse cultural, historical, and natural heritage makes these trips more charming and educative. Our mission is to help you with all your travel and local contact needs at the destination while you are focusing on your field of interest.



We can arrange accommodation in several kinds of facilities from student dormitories and /or hostels to 5 stars deluxe hotels including renovated old Turkish Houses for small groups and World-class unique hotels. While offering accommodation alternatives, our prime concern is to offer you locations as close as possible to your school but without being away from the local colors of your host town. We have always alternatives within your budget.

Connections and Logistics   

Providing all connections with relevant circles i.e. governmental, political, military, municipal, religious institutions, NGOs, Universities, Private Companies, Farms, Factories, Port Authorities, and Media Members. Arranging lectures by relevant authorities depending on the expectations and interests of the visitors. Permissions for private visits to Museums, Religious Shrines, Archaeological Sites, National Parks, Historical and Cultural Sites.                                                                                                 


Meeting and Conventions                                                                                                       

Providing meeting venues and logistics.

Simultaneous translations

Consultancy for content providing

Consultancy for local key experts providing


Airport/Hotel/Airport transfers

Meeting and Greetings on your arrivals and departures

Domestic Air, Ferry, and Train tickets

All group transfers from/to your school and hotels

Arranging any means of transportation or sportive activity from

Donkey riding to Ballooning and Helicopter rentals.

Tours & Excursions                                                                                                                   

Site trips to the field of interests; company, bank, factory, school visits.                                       

Daily sightseeing tours to cultural, historical heritage and natural wonders in the vicinity.

Extension holiday packages; Themed round trips to various parts of Turkey i.e. Gastronomy Tours, Local Colors and People, Mountain Treks, Beach Holidays, Blue Cruise on small private yachts at Mediterranean or Aegean shores of Turkey or Custom made tours of your wish.

Banquette and Social Events

Luncheons and Dinners at unique venues like Palaces, Pavilions,

Museums and Alternative Venues

Suggestions for local dining and entertainment facilities.

Some of Our References-

Royal Garden History Society England

St.Olaf’s College Group U.S.A

Swedish Arts History Group Sweden

Drakensberg Boys Choir South Africa

St.George’s Senior School Canada

North West College Group U.S.A.

Balkan Dances Association Japan

Carthage College Group U.S.A.

Maglio High School U.S.A.

University of Arts, Philadelphia U.S.A

Struma Project, Documentary Film, U.S.A

Luther College, U.S.A

Drew University, U.S.A

Davidson College, U.S.A

California State University, U.S.A

Center College, U.S.A

Stavoor, Holland