Special Interest Tours

Turkey offers something for everyone. Our past guiding experience gives us a broad vision in bringing forth the scarce treasuries of Turkey. Our tailor-made itineraries contain surprising 'off the beaten path' escapades to have our guests view the local colors and customs closely.  We offer the following themed tours to our interested customers;

  • Archaeology (Hittites, Urartu, Greek & Roman)
  • Arts (all traditional and modern arts in Turkey)
  • Folk Dances
  • History
  • History of Arts
  • Religious Heritage (Christian, Jewish and Islamic traces and contemporary issues)
  • Turkish Culinary Heritage (experimental site trips)
  • Music Groups and Choirs (we arrange performances at historical and fascinating venues)
  • Sports and hobby (oil wrestling, camel fighting, hiking, bird watching, and photography)
  • Architecture (Byzantine, Seljuk & Ottoman Turkish, Islam)
  • Student & Alumni groups