Global Tours

As an international tour operator, OASIS arranges a number of selective tours each year for its loyal customers.

  • The tours are announced to loyal customers who are registered in our database
  • For us, the tour participants are not as clients but rather friends. Our primary concern is to maintain a friendly atmosphere both during and after the tours. Most of the tour participants continue their friendship even after the tour terminates.
  • Believing in the fact that the best way to get to know a destination can only be maintained through a holistic perspective; when designing tours we give priority to the historic and cultural heritage sites, social contact with locals, their traditions and customs, especially local cuisine is our primary preferences
  • In order to maintain a friendly atmosphere throughout the tours, the number of participants is limited to a certain extend concerning the difficulty and characteristic of the destination.
  • An expert OASIS tour leader always accompanies the group while friendly and experienced local tour guides give lectures on sites.
  • While selecting accommodation options, our primary concern is usually centrally located, cozy small hotels with the utmost convenience and friendly staff.

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